We really want you to use your scarf as much as possible. But of course, the more you use it, the more you need to take care of it. Our best tips for you below: 

Air it out

The best way to keep your silk scarf fresh is to air it out between usage. If you are careful with makeup or other greasy products near your scarf, this may be enough to keep your scarf in good condition. 

Clean it up

We highly recommend using a professional cleaning service to wash your silk item. However if you want to care for it yourself, be sure to use silk soap or any other detergents free from enzymes. Steam your scarf at a low temperature in order to regain that new-bought freshness. 

Store it

Whenever you're not wearing your scarf, keep it safe in the "songbox" or in any other way you can avoid direct sunlight or tearing. 

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