BY. was created by founder Emma and is a product of a life-long passion for creating. Emma is a Marketing manager at a company in the media industry, but on her spare time she creates designs and illustrations based upon nature and imagination.

"I never knew what I wanted to become when I grew up, or rather I wanted to become a buch of stuff! Most people grow up and decide on their path and sort the other paths out, but I never really came to that point. I got an education, sure. I've been working in the marketing industry for 12 years, which is a great field if you are afraid of standing still. However it's not enough for med. I need to put my creativity to use in other ways as well."

The idea with BY. is to create a space where every aspect of life can fit in, a sort of lifestyle-brand if you will, but also a way off communicating "you know what! I don't need to be put in one genre or category, I can be a lot of things".

We believe in style rather than fashion. The mother of all beauty is mother earth and she is one stylish lady that has had to suffer a lot by our fast-forward thinking. Style may not be fast, but it is lasting. Therefore we only produce small quantities of every item and we keep production within Europe in order to minimize our carbon print. 


BY. is a part of ByBjorkman AB

Org-no: 559186-3765


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132 46 Saltsjö-Boo

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